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Sheri's Story

"I admire everyone who works there. What they do is absolutely amazing to me because they are truly personable and make you feel so comfortable. They are personally involved with you and any questions you want to ask - they're ready to answer them for you."

To call Sheri Hatley an enthusiast of the Seattle Seahawks may be an understatement; with a room decked out in Seahawks history, and a rule to never miss a game, she is an avid fan of the sport and her state team. At 53, Sheri found herself facing a challenge off the field: in early June, Sheri was diagnosed with cancer of the hip, and was referred to Dr Frank Lamm of Spokane CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center, the latest cutting edge comprehensive cancer treatment center offering all of the most advanced forms of non-invasive, non-surgical radiation treatment options.

A breast cancer survivor, Sheri overcame the disease through radiation therapy. Now fighting a different, though still familiar, battle, Dr Lamm and her Medical Oncologist, Dr Arvind Chaudhry worked together with her and suggested the new TrueBeam system, for its precision, accuracy and speed. "The technology advancement is amazing to me. From checking myself in with my personal bar code card to the actual treatment, everything seemed more efficient and accurate," she says. "I set the timer on my phone from when I started down the hall to my treatment and went out of my treatment; and the first time I did that it took six minutes. I went right back to work."

Now on a three month schedule for rechecks, Sheri is continuing her activities with the same cheerful attitude as before. With her zest for life and determination as her offensive line, and with our center on defense, Sheri is running straight for a touchdown. "Because of the doctors and the technology they have made available to them, including TrueBeam, I have all the confidence in the world that they will do whatever they can to construct a plan to treat me again and to continue to extend my life," she says with enthusiasm. "I will have my regular scheduled check-ups, be pro-active with my health, and live my life to the fullest knowing that they have my back."

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