Patient Stories

Larry Ripley

Larry Ripley – Prostate Cancer

“Dr. Kelly’s staff treated me outstandingly well! They were extremely friendly and were always aware of my comfort level! I have nothing but praise for the Spokane CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center.”

At 62, Spokane local Larry Ripley is a man who traverses many roads: 260 miles a day to be exact. As an owner and operator of a delivery company, Larry is in the business of expedience. Ensuring speedy service is pivotal for an enterprising courier, and when faced with a prostate cancer diagnosis, he found himself at a crucial crossroads. He refused to stall and began his first step on the path to recovery.

For years, Larry and his physician routinely monitored his PSA levels, which always returned positive results. But in late 2013, these numbers spiked to an unexpected degree, and Larry was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The courier stood at a life-defining junction – various treatment options, all with possible speed bumps, were presented. Surgery, for its invasiveness and difficult recovery period, and lengthy traditional radiation therapy were undesirable to the always-on-the-go entrepreneur. With consultations among friends and well-wishers who had undergone these procedures, in tandem with his own findings, Larry charted out the best route to take: He found the Spokane CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center.
“I researched the center through a testimonial newsletter, and pure and simple, I found there was a lesser chance of damage to my system with CyberKnife because of its accuracy,” he explains. “And after reading these firsthand experiences, I found the center had a great track record!”

While Larry primarily chose the CyberKnife system for its sub-millimetric accuracy, he soon found a familiar trait in it: expedience. Traditional radiation therapy is a time-consuming procedure, which typically demands five days of treatment sessions over a long span of eight weeks. With the CyberKnife advantage, Larry underwent five treatment sessions in a single week.

Each procedure went by quickly and easily: Larry walked into the center, enjoyed some soothing music, and returned to work within the hour. The degree of comfort he experienced under the CyberKnife system was further heightened by the expert care and dedication of Dr. Karie-Lynn Kelly and her staff, who clearly defined the different paths – complete with any potential twists and turns – he would experience.

“They kept me well informed of everything as it happened: ‘This is what can happen; these are the things that could possibly happen.’ They always made sure I knew what was going on, and told me about any risks before we even started treatment,” he explains.

The courier experienced no major side effects, and other than common drowsiness, felt perfectly fine after each session.