Patient Stories

Ron Reimann

Ron Reimann – Prostate Cancer

“Since my dad’s death more than 30 years before, I fretted and stressed that I might succumb to prostate cancer like he did. But today my prostate cancer is no longer a constant worry, instead it’s a battle that I feel I waged and won.”

Ron R.’s Story

Ron Reimann has enjoyed a life of dedication to his pursuits and a humorous outlook on his 70 years. An active outdoorsman, Ron has had several interests such as growing crops, fishing, riding dune buggies, and spending relaxing pastimes with his wife, son, and granddaughter. Throughout this time, however, Ron had a troubling worry in the back of his mind: he would succumb to prostate cancer like his father. His fears were fully realized in 2011 after receiving his diagnosis. Wielding a strength as strong as the love of his passions, Ron wouldn’t let this difficult news get the best of him.

Nearly two years after his diagnosis, Ron’s urologist introduced him to the Cyberknife system as a means to avoid invasive surgery and reduce the number of treatment sessions. Ron and his wife researched this recommendation further and began his road to recovery in December 2013. Though Ron was a bit nervous on his first visit, he recalls his experiences with our staff with the utmost enthusiasm. “Dr. Kelly and Jenny answered all of our questions and [I] never once felt they had to move on,” he explains. “They were some of the best medical professionals I have ever dealt with and left no question unanswered.”

“Any fears I had were dashed when I walked through the door of [the center]. Dr. Karie-Lynn Kelly and the nurses were wonderful,” Ron reflects further. “Over five consecutive days, I lay there as the CyberKnife system’s arm rotated around me and treated the cancer I had stressed and worried about for more than 30 years.”

His worries behind him, Ron quickly returned to his active lifestyle and reached far beyond to new adventures. “My wife and I took the three-week safari to Africa that we planned during my treatment!” he explains. “[We] are helping build a school in our tour guide’s village, and we hope to travel back to Tanzania in a year and see the facility when it is finished.”