Patient Stories

Ron Whittum

Ron Whittum – Prostate Cancer

“[After I was diagnosed] I felt a certain sense of denial about it – that it was probably nothing. After my needle biopsy, they found slightly aggressive cancerous cells and it became a lot more real. I wondered, ‘What do we do about this? What’s the best procedure?'”

Following his annual prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test in November 2013, Ron Whittum was further tested via needle biopsy: the 57-year old warehouse operation manager, husband, and father of two was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. Ron and his wife diligently researched treatment options and concluded that non-invasive radiation treatment was the choice option. His local oncologist referred him to urologic oncology specialist Dr. Robert Golden who introduced him to our center, the CyberKnife system, and the talented care of Dr. Karie-Lynn Kelly.

“My experiences were very pleasant right from the first visit – they were professional, friendly, and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the entire process, including possible side effects,” Ron reflects on his time with us. “It was all handled very well and I felt very positive about the procedure – a very good experience!”

“And the treatments themselves were a piece of cake!” Ron exclaims. “Lay down, listen to your favorite music, and in 45 minutes you’re done. There was no discomfort with the radiation procedures and the staff was very personable. My wife and I joke that the toughest part was the diet leading up to the procedure.”

Under the guidance of Dr. Kelly, Ron was treated in five short sessions spanning over a week. Since then, his PSA levels have dropped slightly, but he is confident and hopeful he will fully recover.