Spine Tumor Treatment Options


At Spokane CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center, we do not compromise on the treatment of spinal tumors.

Spine Tumor radiation treatment at Spokane CyberKnifeEach patient’s condition is unique, therefore our cancer experts consult with patients on the best options utilizing the most advanced new technologies.

What is Spine Cancer

Spine cancer is a cluster of abnormal cells in or around the spinal cord that form a tumor. The abnormal cells usually originate in another cancerous location in the body that migrate to the spine (called metastatic disease) and may, rarely, originate in the spinal area (a primary spinal tumor). A spinal tumor or lesion can be caused by abnormal cells that have spread from the lung, breast, prostate, lung, colon, kidney, or other areas and are carried to the spine by blood or through the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and the brain.


Treatment of spinal cancer is determined by the type and location of the tumor. The most effective spinal treatment usually requires a multiple-disciplinary approach – a combination of surgery, radiosurgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy. Radiosurgery, radiation, or chemotherapy might completely relieve the symptoms if the pain is caused by a spine tumor replacing the bone marrow in the bodies of the spine.

When a spine tumor is causing weakness or paralysis by putting pressure on the spinal cord, killing the tumor with radiation may be all that is necessary. In severe cases of spinal compression, removing the tumor with surgery may be the best treatment option.

For patients with metastatic spinal lesions, the location of the primary cancer must be considered. Myeloma, breast, prostate, and some types of lung cancer are usually sensitive to radiation, but renal cell cancers, melanoma, and most sarcomas are not sensitive to normal doses of radiation. If a patient has a spinal tumor that is insensitive to radiation or has severe destruction of the vertebra, surgery followed by radiosurgery or radiation therapy is an appropriate treatment. Your cancer experts at Spokane CyberKnife will help you in determining the best treatment options for your unique condition.

Spinal cord tumors can often be difficult to treat and may require care from a team of several different doctors. This team is often led by a neurosurgeon, a doctor who uses surgery to treat brain and nervous system tumors.

The primary goal in treating Spinal Metastases is pain relief and preventing neurological deterioration. These tumors can be treated with Medication, Surgery, Conventional Radiation Therapy, or Radiosurgery.